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Where is Belize? As a worldly wanderer, you probably know it is nestled against the Caribbean Sea, with Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west. And while those countries may be larger, little Belize has just as big of an impact on the world travel scene. In fact, Belize downright outdoes its larger neighbours in many ways. Its miles of pristine coastline are hardly touched, the World Heritage-listed Belize Barrier Reef is the longest in the Western Hemisphere, and the country is home to some of the most important Mayan ruins on earth. You can see why travellers are embracing the call of the wild and booking Belize all-inclusive packages—and why it is time for you to join them.

Snorkel along the reef as rainbow-coloured fish dart in and out of corals and sleepy sea turtles float along on the currents. In the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, jaguars lap at the same rivers you cross on sturdy wooden bridges, though you will likely see only the tracks of these secretive wildcats. Even deeper in the jungle, the stone ruins of Xunantunich tower above the village, casting a shadow over all who pass. And outdoor adventures aren’t the only things to do in Belize. Fascinating history, vibrant culture and diverse cuisines from English to Creole to Mayan are all on offer in this eclectic country. Belize package deals are the gateway to Central America’s best-kept secret—and to your new favouriteplace.

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