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You understand that concentration and repetition of the details is how perfection is achieved. Focus on the small things until they become second nature. When the flawless appears fundamental, you know you’ve achieved success. Things don’t have to be difficult to be grand. That same doctrine can be applied to all of life’s undertakings. Perhaps nowhere is this on display more so than in the Dominican Republic. From simple ingredients—like molasses, water, and oak barrels—fine-aged Dominican rum is produced. Passed down through the generations, distillers have perfected this simple process. Another Dominican tradition is also based in fundamental execution. Baseball is king in the Hispaniola nation. As young children, players are taught to repeat the same mechanical motions that make the daunting task of turning a double play seem like, well, child’s play. Travelocity has picked up a few things from the proud people of the Dominican Republic. Knowing that repetition can lead to greatness, we’ve repeatedly put together all-inclusive packages in the Dominican Republic so that you can enjoy a perfectly priced, perfectly planned Caribbean getaway.

In addition to enjoying a dark Dominican rum or taking in a ballgame in the Caribbean’s most competitive baseball league, there are many things to do near Punta Cana —one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. And many of the Dominican Republic package deals give you access to all the excitement. Also, just like enjoying a rum cocktail on the beach or the seventh inning stretch at the ballpark, purchasing an all-inclusive Punta Cana vacation through Travelocity is as easy as can be. The dates are pre-selected—all you have to do is select from any of the amazing Dominican Republic all-inclusive packages. Find one that has all of the amenities and excursions that you desire. You might get unlimited rounds of golf on an expertly manicured course, a snorkelling tour in the sapphire waters of the Caribbean, and maybe even a tour of a local distillery. No matter your itinerary, you’re sure to have a homerun of a holiday.

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