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You are floating on a pristine mountain lake, watching fish jump and birds fly overhead. Now, you are catching perfect waves on a gorgeous black-sand beach, you and your travel mates the only people in sight. Next, you are closing your eyes at the top of a volcano to take in the cries of eagles in the distance. Finally, you journey to ancient Mayan ruins deep in the forest, where you can pause, reflect, and remember this amazing all-inclusive El Salvador vacation. Do you know where you are, traveller? You are in El Salvador, the tiny central American country that is 425 times smaller than Canada. But do not let size fool you. El Salvador package deals are in high demand amongst everyone from adventure seekers to honeymooners—and now you can join them.

Travelocity’s all-inclusive packages in El Salvador are the most convenient way for you to plan your vacation. Our vast travel network means we can find you the best dates and cheapest bundles. This doesn’t just save you money, it means you can spend your time planning the finer details. You certainly have plenty of activities to choose from. Glide through the turquoise waters of Los Cobanos searching for the shipwrecks below, or dive down in your scuba gear for a closer look. Spend an evening learning the traditional Xuc dance to the sound of the marimba in the capital of San Salvador, then make a day trip to El Boqueron National Park for an invigorating hike. We can help you find things to do that the whole group will love.

Your dates are set, your plans are made, and you’ve thrown in a few extras as the bow on top of our El Salvador all-inclusive packages. All that is left to do is for you to get excited, and that is easy to do when you are going to a place as stunning as El Salvador—especially when you know you have the best travel partner around, in Travelocity.

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