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You’ve always reserved a special corner of your heart for other members of the animal kingdom. Your favourite travel companions have been stately camels in Wadi Rum, colourful parrot fish near the Great Barrier Reef, and majestic brown bears in the Alaska wilds. Seeing other creatures flourish in their natural habitats and making friends with other species brings joy to your heart—during those brief moments, peace is possible.

This time, when the sea breeze whispers your name and the tide woos you to the crystal-blue waters of the North Atlantic, abscond with one of our all-inclusive packages in Great Exuma, where you’ll soon swim with happy pigs and sunbathe with starfish.

Leave Behind the Dog-Eat-Dog World

Between booking airfare, finding the right a hotel, and building an exquisite itinerary of things to do near Great Exuma, vacation planning can start to feel more like another to-do list than the beginning of a dreamy getaway. When you book one of our all-inclusive Great Exuma vacations, there’s just one task: Book it! We’ve chosen great travel dates, coordinated flights and a fabulous hotel near the island’s top sights. Plus, each of our Great Exuma package deals comes with carefully curated amenities, like a convenient rental car, waterfront activities, and scrumptious seaside dining. Great Exuma is just one of the 365 enchanting islands in Exuma, and the others are just a float away. Whether you’re planning to spend your days swimming with gentle nurse sharks by Compass Cay, paddling around with wild pigs on Major’s Cay, or diving with dolphins in Nassau, we have the travel details covered.

As you swap tall tales with wild iguanas at Allan’s Cay and watch the sun set into dark turquoise waters, remember that you’re just one of the creatures who feels most at ease on the Atlantic Sea. By booking one of Travelocity’s Great Exuma all-inclusive packages, you’ll save extra travel money on an unforgettable experience with new friends both big and small.

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