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When Lao Tzu said, “Seek simplicity in the complicated, seek greatness in small things,” he could have been musing on the small but exquisite island country of Grenada. This unassuming cluster of islands may look like a pinch of platinum glitter sprinkled in the Caribbean Sea, but there’s more than meets the eye. The islands are lined with shimmering white beaches and brimming with traditions as vibrant as the boats lined up at Grand Anse Beach. Fill an itinerary with all sorts of exciting things to do in Grenada —from hiking near waterfalls to snorkelling amongst sunken sculptures—but don’t forget to take time and savour the simplicity of a sea breeze and a glass of sorrel and cinnamon tea during your all-inclusive Grenada vacation.

To simplify your getaway even more, from now until the moment you get home with sun-kissed skin, book one of our all-inclusive packages in Grenada. We’ve selected a convenient collection of flights, accommodations, and amenities to save you money and your most precious time, which you’re sure to squander on grand adventures in Grenada.

Beauty by Land and by Sea

Whether you select Grenada package deals with a rental car for charting your own path or an itinerary of festivals and day trips, make time to get to know Grenada. If you ever get tired of sunning on Grand Anse—hardly possible—explore the inland village of St. Cyr, where mist hangs in the trees like fresh coconuts and the Seven Sisters Falls fill the air with the sound of crashing cascades. Or, sway your way to the capital city of St. George for museum-hopping and market shopping. And at sunset, find a table with a view of the waterfront and a bowl of oildown—the national stew of pork, coconut milk, fresh vegetables, and the star: breadfruit, which tastes like a potato and looks like a tiny green planet.

They say great things come in small packages. Well, that’s true of Grenada and of the deals bundled in Travelocity’s Grenada all-inclusive packages. Save on flights, hotels, and amenities while basking in the simple luxury of a well-planned getaway.

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