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You aren’t looking for just any getaway. You’re drawn to vibrant celebrations, bright flavours, captivating coastlines, and an air of whimsy. With a je ne sais quoi all its own, the French department of Guadeloupe will enchant you. From orchids blooming at the botanical garden in Deshaies to pineapple fritters frying in a local café, this Caribbean destination is an embarrassment of natural riches infused with charm. Pack your bags and follow the syncopated rhythms of gwo ka folk music to the open-air markets and breezy beaches of Guadeloupe.

Make booking and planning this excursion as easy as joining in the revelry at Carnival with one of our Guadeloupe package deals —it’s very easy, by the way, and also quite fun. The dates are set, the flights and accommodation are seamlessly coordinated, and the amenities are curated—like adventurous activities, scrumptious local cuisine, or a rental car. But don’t worry, we’ve left enough time for you to follow your bliss all over the islands during your all-inclusive Guadeloupe vacation.

From Basse-Terre to Marie-Galante

Guadeloupe is actually a small cluster of islands in the Lesser Antilles, and the largest two, Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, are where you’re find many of the most popular and picturesque landmarks, including volcanos and lots of gorgeous beaches. Clearly, you have some island-hopping to do, or floating to be more specific. With things to do near Guadeloupe scattered across the Caribbean, including Dominica, its neighbour to the south, you’ll have plenty to do whether your Guadeloupe all-inclusive package includes a cruise-ready car rental or a pre-planned itinerary. Besides, you’re sure to while away a few evenings savouring grilled kebobs and coconut-lime shrimp…

A multi-island vacation may seem like a complicated trip to plan and an expensive one as well, but with Travelocity’s all-inclusive packages in Guadeloupe, you save more by bundling airfare, a hotel, and amenities. Plus, it’s easy as flan—coconut flan.

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