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Places, everyone! The stage is set and the performance is about to begin. Lights, camera, action! The scene opens with our lead actor and actress enjoying a cup of invigorating coffee while sitting on the balcony of their hotel room. The camera pans to show an ice bucket holding an open Champagne bottle, two empty flutes on the nightstand, and a tuxedo and evening gown purposely draped across the back of a chair—all remnants of last night’s gala ball. The view turns back to the happy couple. As the morning sun climbs above the horizon, it illuminates the towering white letters of the iconic Hollywood sign in the distance, signalling to all that another action-packed Los Angeles adventure is soon to unfold. All the glitz and glamour associated with the silver screen are yours for the taking with all-inclusive packages in Los Angeles from Travelocity.

There are so many things to do in Los Angeles, you’ll need to hire a publicist to help you schedule it all out after booking your all-inclusive Los Angeles vacation! Or you could just purchase one of the Los Angeles all-inclusive packages here instead. All of the dates are pre-selected. Just pick the accommodations, amenities, and attractions you prefer. You might get a plan that offers tours of the back lots of major motion picture studios, or admission to the many theme parks that dot the LA landscape. When everything is included, you decide which adventure to take.

Not only will you save a lot of time and effort with Los Angeles package deals, you’ll pocket a lot of money, too. Many plans include food and drink from your resort. So you can sample all of the amazing fusion dishes like California smoked salmon pizza, Korean barbecue tacos, and Chinese chicken salad without having to venture from restaurant to food truck to bistro. Plus, you’ll free up some cash for a retail therapy extravaganza on Rodeo Drive where you can shop alongside your favourite celebrities. When you let Travelocity help you book your stay in the City of Angels, it’s sure to be a blockbuster hit!

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