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Horace Greeley told us "Go West, young man." We suggest you follow his advice, but when you hit the Pacific Ocean, turn left and head due South. Follow the beach until there’s nowhere left to go. Keep the crashing waves of the ocean to your right and the chaparral of the desert to your left as you wander wisely on your way. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself at Land’s End—Cabo San Lucas, the popular resort town in Los Cabos, Mexico. Once you are there, drop your worries like a load of bricks and pick up a salt-rimmed margarita glass full of Baja excitement. Drink up all Los Cabos has to offer, from fun on the water to adventure in the inland mountains…and everything in between. You’ll run out of hours in the day before you run out of things to do in Los Cabos. One of the best ways to make sure that you don’t miss out on the festivity is to book one of the all-inclusive packages in Los Cabos through Travelocity.

Los Cabos all-inclusive packages take all of the guesswork out of planning your Baja holiday. Travelocity takes care of all of the details for you. The dates are all pre-selected, just pick a bundle that offers the accommodations and attractions you most desire. You might find Los Cabos package deals with deep-sea fishing excursions—it is the Marlin Capital of the World, after all. Other popular packages include unlimited golf, off-road vehicle treks to the desert, whale watching cruises, and guided kayak tours to The Arch—the iconic offshore rock formation.

In addition to the time and energy, you’ll save a lot of money when you book through Travelocity. Many plans include free food and drinks at your resort. Sample local delicacies like chicken tamales fajados, almejaschocolatas (chocolate clams), and ocean-to-table-fresh fish tacos. Other all-inclusive amenities may offer massage treatments at the resort spa and access to a secluded beach. No matter the all-inclusive Los Cabos vacation you choose, you’re sure to have an enchanting time at your own private end of the earth.

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