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The ocean has always called to you. You hear its siren song in the crash of waves against the seashore, in the sweet melody of a breeze skipping over the whitecaps as they lap against land. Nowhere is this scene more prevalent than in Manzanillo, Mexico’s exquisite port city. Tucked up against the Pacific Ocean, this famous spot is home to beautiful oceanscapes, delicious food, and some of the best sailfishing in the world.

Don’t tarry any longer; why dream of this remarkable place when you can see it for yourself? Book one of Travelocity’s Manzanillo package deals and head to the state of Colima. Watch the sun set into the sea, hold a drink in your hand, and relax: your adventure is just beginning.

Welcome to Manzanillo

At last, you can take a breath. You’re here. Turquoise skies swoop down to embrace the clear waters of the Pacific. You want nothing more than to follow your soul and immerse yourself in the ocean…or do you want to go inland, to explore jungles teeming with life and monuments to ancient gods? Browse our list of things to do in Manzanillo and see what appeals to you on your all-inclusive Manzanillo vacation. Choose one, choose two, choose as many as you like—it’s your vacation, after all. Book one of our all-inclusive packages in Manzanillo that comes with a rental car and you’ll be free to explore mysterious ruins and modern shopping areas alike.

Are you ready to dive in and swim with the fishes? Cast your line into Travelocity’s deep well of Manzanillo all-inclusive packages and select the one of the bundles with set dates that speaks to you. From a hotel and car rental to an experience where all meals and drinks are paid for—right down to the last sip of delicious table wine—we have something for you. Book today, wise wanderer. We’ll see you by the ocean.

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