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With each step along the trail, the jungle surrounding you gets denser, the greens of the flora get darker, and your sense of adventure is heightened. Your last glimpse of modernity was when you started your trek back at the trailhead. Tropical birds engage in a well-practiced call-and-response, informing each other of your presence. From high above, you hear a rustle of leaves, but are unable to determine if it was the breeze or a monkey jumping from limb to limb. As Mother Nature provides the soundtrack, you venture further into the rainforest, eagerly anticipating what lies at the trail’s end. Finally, and suddenly, bright streams of light begin to pierce the dark veil of the jungle. Your pulse quickens as you break through the treeline, temporarily blinded by the midday sun. Once your eyes adjust, you see a stepped-pyramid rising up above the canopy. Riding your surge of adrenaline, you scale the Mayan ruin for a view unmatched anywhere on the Yucatan Peninsula. High atop the 42-meter pyramid at Coba, you have the opportunity to ponder how nothing can stop the course of time, not even a powerful civilization like the Mayans. The is the reality of an all-inclusive Riviera Maya vacation.

A day-trip to Coba is just one of the many adventurous things to do in Riviera Maya. When you use Travelocity to book all-inclusive packages in Riviera Maya, you’ll have access to them all. Your deal may include a round at a championship golf course, a canoe tour of the mangroves, or a spiritual yoga trip to Tulum. Most Riviera Maya all-inclusive packages offer unlimited food and drink from your resort, too. So after you’ve swung, paddled, and posed your way through the area, you can fill up on pibil tamales and tequila cocktails back at your hotel.

Purchasing one of Travelocity’s Riviera Maya package deals is as easy as a lazy day on a Caribbean beach. The dates are all pre-selected. Just pick the plan that has the accommodations and excursions you most prefer. That way, you can spend your valuable time in more important pursuits…like another hike through the lush Mayan jungle.

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