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Let your whimsical heart delight in a city where stone ruins reach out to a deep blue sea and a rainbow of pastel townhouses lines cobblestone streets. You might expect to see this scene scribbled across the pages of a fairy tale, but before you bury your nose in a book, journey to the capital of Puerto Rico. On the north coast of an island rich in culture and scenery, San Juan can be described as otherworldly. Once you dip into delicate coconut pudding and savour a bite of mofongo—mashed plantains and crispy pork—you’ll confirm it’s true. There really is no trip like an all-inclusive San Juan vacation.

Simultaneously historic and modern, San Juan is a city where you’ll follow your bliss through the centuries, from 16th-century fortresses and castles to contemporary art housed in beautiful galleries. With a long list of things to do in Puerto Rico within easy reach of your destination, simplify your excursion and save by booking one of our all-inclusive packages in San Juan. Convenient flights and top hotels are seamlessly coordinated and amenities—like a rental car, scrumptious meals, or an itinerary of adventurous activities—are carefully curated. Just book and abscond. It’s that simple.

Experience the Magic

Whether your package deals in San Juan include a rental car ready for cruising along the coastline or a collection of great experiences, one thing is for sure: You’re about to unwrap savings as you explore this vivid gem on the North Atlantic. Let your gaze set sail toward the horizon while the sun rises like a striking diamond and sets like an orb of molten lava in a cloudless sky. These are the bookends to a high-energy snorkelling excursion through turquoise currents or an idyllic day wandering the narrow streets and ducking under red-tile porticos in Old San Juan.

Vacations should be a flight of fancy. When you book San Juan all-inclusive packages, flights are only part of the bundle. You’ll save extra money and planning time on accommodation and additional amenities, too. So go ahead—follow your heart to San Juan.

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