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Cottages For Rent

Having trouble finding a comfortable cottage without hyperventilating over the price? Relax. Travelocity has you covered. Whether you’re imagining blooming flowers on a backdrop of whitewashed wood, rolling green hills and tall leafy trees, or the iconic cries of the seagull and the rolling of ocean waves, our holiday cottages are the perfect place to relax on your getaway.

Words like “charming,” “cozy,” and “cute” embody a kind of affection for these traditionally small and uncomplicated homes. Of course, cottages can come in any size, but whether the home you book sleeps two or 12, there’s just something about a cottage that’s like being wrapped in comfort and welcome. A kitchen, separate bedrooms, and living areas all feel like home no matter what zip code you live in. In fact, even our most rustic cottages offer the sort of amenities a discerning traveler such as yourself expects, without losing that air of serene simplicity. And the fact that most are located near nature can’t hurt, either!

These lovely little homes offer an additional perk: serenity. Whether you prefer beach or country cottages, you’ll get to enjoy the sort of quiet that allows novelists to write, artists to paint, and thinkers to think. And the rest of us? Perhaps a cottage offers what we need most: time to simply breathe during a peaceful retreat.

With all these cottage deals, you’ll be breathing, thinking, painting, or writing your heart out sooner than you think. Book your cottage today with a Travelocity deal so good it will lull your wallet to sleep.