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Travel smart. Save smarter.

We think you should always get a deal when you book with us, so we’re making it easy to save. You can see all of our greatest hotel offers below, but did you know you can save even more with these promo codes and coupons? Well, you can. And you should!

Top Trip Deals

Great Hotel Deals and Discounts

Booking a hotel when you travel does not have to be a costly experience when you reserve your accommodations with Travelocity. Have your travel budget last longer and check out these great deals on hotels:

  • Put Lady Luck on your side and use Travelocity to book cheap hotels in Las Vegas. Whether you want to be on the Strip, close to Freemont Street, or greenside at a local golf course, you’ll find exactly what you need.
  • When you need to have your finger on the nation's political pulse, you have to get inside the Beltway. And, people from both sides of the aisle agree that the most monumental deals on Washington DC hotels can be found right here. After all, a vote for Travelocity is a vote for savings.
  • Looking to pitch the next blockbuster script to the movie moguls and big-time producers in Hollywood? Find a great deal on your hotel in Los Angeles so you can wine and dine the power players with the money you save…or you can spend the afternoon shopping on Rodeo Drive. We won’t judge.
  • Whether you are coming to watch the seasons change in Central Park, have a front row seat at a Broadway show, or simply want to enjoy everything the Big Apple has to offer, Travelocity helps you find cheap hotels in NYC so you can experience the city without breaking the bank.
  • You can find great deals on Chicago hotels that connect you to the pulse of the Second City. From Lake Shore Drive to Schiller Woods, Travelocity can help you find tranquility in the Windy City.
  • If your idea of outdoor fun includes black diamonds, moguls, and T-bars, followed by sipping hot drinks beside a hearth in a mountainside lodge, you’ll love these great deals on these Ski Hotels.
  • Not exactly sure where you want to go, but are determined to spend as little as possible? Save on great hotels in popular destinations throughout the U.S. with Travelocity.
  • This fabulous Las Vegas deal will put you in the epicenter of glitz and glamour. After a sun-soaked afternoon chasing the illusive ace on the links, spend the evening in search of pocket aces at the poker tables.
  • Enjoy a more refined vacation with these luxury hotel deals. You can pamper yourself in extravagance at these opulent resorts without having to hock the family heirlooms.


Deals on Popular Vacation Destinations

Have a worry-free trip when you book your vacation package on Travelocity. Find fantastic seasonal deals on great vacation destinations that don't empty your wallet:

  • Make your next Miami vacation even more enjoyable by booking with Travelocity. You’ll save enough to spend an extra day playing dominoes in Little Havana followed by a serving of jumbo stone crabs for dinner.
  • Take the trouble out of planning your Jamaican vacation when you use Travelocity to book Montego Bay packages. You can put that "no worries" attitude to work whiling away the time on Doctor’s Cave Beach.
  • There is so much to experience on the Yucatan peninsula. And with Travelocity’s Cancun vacation packages, you’ll find great deals that will let you explore every square mile.
  • With Punta Cana vacations purchased through Travelocity, you can experience the wonder of the Dominican Republic and its Coconut Coast one lazy, sun-soaked afternoon at a time.
  • Whether you are visiting "Merry Old England" for a taste of history, or are eager to see the more modern side of the city, when you book your London vacation through Travelocity, you’ll save enough to pretend you are royalty and buy (a ticket to view) the Crown Jewels.
  • Save even more money when you bundle your travel needs into one package. Book a flight plus a hotel and save on these great vacation destinations.
  • A trip to Hawaii does not have to be expensive with these great deals to Honolulu. You can discover all of the secrets of the Big Island without having to spend a Hawaiian fortune on it.


Deals on Airline Flights

Always wanting to travel to that dream destination, but thought that travel planning was such a hassle? Well at Travelocity, we remove the hassle and make it convenient and easy for you to book a flight online. With so many destinations available, the only difficulty you will have is which one to choose. Book online now and find great deals on popular flight destinations today:

  • Did you know that macadamia nuts are best enjoyed when they are roasted immediately after being harvested from the tree? Book your flight to Honolulu and find out for yourself.
  • We’ve rounded up all of the best deals on flights to Florida. All you have to do is pick one and start packing. We recommend bringing extra sunscreen; it can get a little sunny there.
  • Man has not yet mastered the art of time travel. The closest thing we have are flights to Rome where you can experience antiquity without having to rent a flux capacitor.
  • Get in the "no worries" spirit from the start and let Travelocity help you find great deals on flights to Jamaica. Keep the practice alive by speyour toes in the sand. Repeat as necessary.nding at least four hours a day with 

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Popular Cruise Deals

On your next vacation, why not leave it in the hands of your captain to steer you there on a cruise. With great deals on popular cruise destinations why not travel by sea for your next vacation adventure. And you don't have to forfeit the holiday cheer when you travel during the upcoming season, the cruise ships will be decked out in holiday themes to have you feeling the spirit even on the ocean for whatever destination you choose.

When you use Travelocity to help you find cheap cruises, we do all of the hard work for you. All that you need to do is figure out which activities you’ll engage in while on board. Read a classic novel by the pool. You could also get a few chapters in while on the sun deck. Then again, you could probably find a lounge chair in the spa area and turn a few pages there. Or, if you prefer, it’s widely known that the bow of the ship is a perfect place to appreciate a good piece of literature. There are only 24 hours in a day, though. So, plan accordingly. And don’t forget to order a cocktail with a little umbrella in it.


Deals on Rental Cars

Put yourself in the driver's seat when you rent a car with Travelocity. Instead of depending on someone else or waiting on the taxi, take control, and get to where you want to go at whatever time you choose. Check out Travelocity’s great deals from the major car rental providers and simply pick your style, load up your bags, and head on out:

  • Whether you are planning on traveling back and forth between your hotel and any of the area’s many amusement parks (or just need to get the golf course for your morning tee time), cheap car rentals in Orlando keep more of your money in your pocket.
  • When you use Travelocity to help you book your Outer Banks car rental, you free up your time to work on more important activities. Like figuring out which sandals are the best for walking from your hotel room to the beach for a relaxing afternoon of napping to the calming sounds of the breaking waves.
  • There are dozens of places for car rentals near Newark Airport. Travelocity helps you find the best deals from the most conveniently located carriers so that you can easily get on your way to exploring the tri-state area.
  • Your Dallas car rental is more than a vehicle to take you around town. It’s a ticket to explore the North Texas countryside, the oil-money mansions, and—of course—the neighborhoods that make Dallas such an attractive place to live.
  • When you use Travelocity to help you find cheap rental cars in Denver, not only are you saving a lot of money, you are also getting a great deal on a Rocky Mountain access machine. 

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Coupon Savings and Mobile Offers

Everyone loves to save when they travel so check out these great coupon deals for your next trip. And for added convenience, download the Travelocity app to find exclusive offers and book your next flight or hotel while on the go.

Not only are Travelocity’s travel coupons much safer than their traditional counterparts (no scissors required and no pesky paper cuts to suffer through), they are more convenient and a great way to save a small fortune on your next vacation. Even easier to use is the Travelocity app, which lets you find the best travel deals on the web right from your smartphone or tablet.