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Enchanting, whimsical, and charming are just a few of the words that come to mind when the fairy-tale city of Barcelona is mentioned. Whether whispered in a darkened café or during a late-night heart-to-heart or over a candlelit dinner, this fascinating place has inspired plenty of travel dreams. It has romance, it has cuisine, it has art and history, and the list goes on and on, much like those late-night talks with your fellow dreamers. But now, traveller, the time has come to make that fantasy a reality. And thanks to Travelocity’s carefully curated Barcelona package deals, this reality is closer than you think.

Stroll down any street in Barca, as the locals would call it, and you’ll be immersed in a whole new world. One part bohemian enclave, one part fashionista, and one part wild outpost, this city holds surprises around every corner—plus many iconic landmarks. Over here, the soaring spires of La SagradaFamilia seem to touch the sun. Over there, Las Ramblas bustles with shoppers and businesspeople. World-class museums abound, but you can also walk to the nearest town square to see incredible sculpture and art. Amongst the abundance of things to do in Barcelona, you will find cosy cafes and wine bars welcoming you in for refreshment and reflection. When the sun sets, tapas sizzle, wine flows and laughter easily follows, until light-footed patrons make their way to the nightclubs or back to their homes and hotels, the best of which you can find with our all-inclusive packages in Barcelona.

Don’t spend those late night conversations working out all the details of your getaway. Travelocity has created Barcelona all-inclusive packages with pre-selected dates and bundled flights, resorts, car rentals, or entertainment that will cater to your every desire—especially the desire to save time and money. After all, evenings talking over endless pours of wine should be used for the big ideas: how the cold stone of ancient buildings will feel on your palms, and how the arts and culture of Barca will change your life forever.

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