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Wherever you go, there is no escaping it: Florida is a legendary vacation destination, and it is world-famous for a reason. The Sunshine State has even more to offer than the rays of that giant star in the sky—it is filled with arts and culture, as well. Glide along the riverfront in a charming gondola, and you just might think you are in Venice. Tour the historic Stranahan House and you may find yourself transported to the Old South. And a stroll through the Arts and Entertainment District has the sophisticated vibe of New York or Los Angeles, without the prices or the pretense. Yes, Fort Lauderdale package deals will surprise you with all the amenities of the big city, plus pristine beaches and friendly locals who will greet you like an old friend. You can discover this Florida gem sooner rather than later when you have Travelocity by your side.

Our Fort Lauderdale all-inclusive packages make it simple to plan your next trip. We’ll choose the dates and combine all the amenities into one convenient bundle—it’s perfectly easy, and will save you money, too. Once your trip is set, you’re free to consider the finer details, such as all of best things to do in Fort Lauderdale. From the colourful contrast of the white sea wall against the brick-paved promenade to the bustling shopping district, this city is sure to enliven your scrapbook and create memories for years to come.

Before you can enjoy the lively side of Florida, you must search through our all-inclusive packages in Fort Lauderdale and choose the package that will make your dreams a reality. Whether you crave a serene beach getaway, vibrant nightlife, or both, Fort Lauderdale can deliver. After all, just about anything is possible here… so it is time to start dreaming, and start booking your all-inclusive Fort Lauderdale vacation, right here on Travelocity.

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