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Vacations to large resort towns like Cancun can be great fun. But quite often, they can be too much as well—too many people and too much hustle and bustle. Instead, a smaller destination like Isla Mujeres makes for a perfect Mexican holiday in the Caribbean. You won’t have to battle big crowds at area attractions, you’ll receive more personalized service from hotel and restaurant staff, enjoy a slower pace, and have more room to roam uninhibited during your all-inclusive Isla Mujeres vacation. Speaking of a slower pace and room to roam, both of those come into play when engaging in one of the most popular things to do near Isla Mujeres —swimming with the gentle giant of the sea, the whale shark. Let time fade away with your workaday worries as you and your underwater waltz partner gracefully dance to the Caribbean’s rhythm. When you purchase one of the many all-inclusive packages in Isla Mujeres through Travelocity, you’ll have the opportunity to whirl with a whale shark, samba on the sands, and rhumba at your resort.

Booking one of the Isla Mujeres all-inclusive packages is as easy as watching the sun set over the turquoise waters with a tropical cocktail in hand. The dates are all pre-selected; all you have to do is choose whichever plan has your preferred bundle of flights, accommodations, excursions, or amenities. You might find Isla Mujeres package deals that include day trips to Garrafón Reef Park where you can experience a leisurely day in a hammock, explore ancient Mayan temples at Punta Sur, and marvel at the unique sculptures in the MUSA Underwater Museum.

Leave the crowded resorts to the uninitiated. You are a discerning traveller who knows how to vacation on your own terms. Let Travelocity help you book your Isla Mujeres holiday today. You’ll save time, energy, and—most importantly—money…all of which can be better spent dancing the night away at your own, leisurely pace.

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