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For years, you’ve imagined it: the capital of Nicaragua, part shining metropolis, part mystical shantytown. This is a city caught between its storied past and evolving present; fish in the ancient depths of Tiscapa Lagoon in the morning, then explore the curiously constructed Managua Cathedral after feasting on delicious local fare in the afternoon.

Why leave any part of your delightful South American getaway to chance? Travelocity has plenty of all-inclusive packages in Managua with pre-selected dates on offer; some of these may have hotels, car rentals, and even things to do in Managua included.

Welcome to Nicaragua

Our Managua package deals provide a perfect jumping off point to explore the rest of this extraordinary place. Are you seized by the desire to explore all the country’s nooks and crannies? Book one of our Managua package deals that includes a rental car and the landscape is your oyster. Make your way to Masaya Volcano National Park & Handicraft Market and stare into the abyss of the volcanic crater. What is staring back?

Perhaps it’s not wanderlust that’s taken you, but rather a simple desire to see as much as you can with the time that you have. In that case, select one of our Managua all-inclusive packages that cover it all, from your hotel and car to drinks and meals. You can pack your bags and rest easy knowing that every aspect of your escape is covered, from daily itineraries to the dessert you’ve been eyeing…all for a price you can afford.

Travelocity knows what the wandering spirit wants—it desires freedom to explore. Our deals give you exactly that, allowing you to roam about the world without worrying about where you’ll rest your head next, or how expensive a particular room will be. Trust Travelocity to handle every detail so you don’t have to—instead, sit back and enjoy your all-inclusive Managua vacation.

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