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Most of us take it for granted, yet seemingly all of us include it in our morning routine. We are often grumpy and can’t get going without it, and are conversely much more productive after our daily dose. We’re not talking about Hatha yoga, transcendental meditation, or even an energizing workout. No, this wonder stuff is confidence, vitality, and moxie in the form of a cup of coffee. Few of us—save a rabid subculture of well-trained connoisseurs—even know how it ends up on our store shelves, much less the difference between roasts and the origin of the beans. For those who would like to learn more about nature’s energizing elixir, an all-inclusive Puntarenas vacation would be in order. Exotic blends like Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona from Hawaii used to be all the rage. Now, though, coffees from the Central American rainforests are front and center. And when it comes to rainforest beans, none are better than those from the Monteverde region of Costa Rica. With that in mind, one of Travelocity’s Puntarenas package deals is the perfect excuse to take a deep drink of coffee production knowledge.

Travelocity offers a host of all-inclusive packages in Puntarenas, some of which may have coffee tours as a part of the plan. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, fret not. The coffee trade may have put the area on the map, but there are many more things to do near Puntarenas than brush up on beans. With miles of black sand beaches serving as a welcome mat to the turquoise Pacific, you’ll have full access to one of the world’s most beautiful tropical playgrounds.

Booking one of the Puntarenas all-inclusive packages through Travelocity is easier than a Sunday morning after an invigorating cup of joe. The dates are all pre-selected. Just pick the plan that has the accommodations, amenities, and attractions that you prefer. You’ll save time, energy, and—most importantly—money. Hearing that may wake you up almost as well as a mug of perfectly roasted, robust, aromatic Arabica beans…almost.

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